Boost Conversion with AI-powered review app

Instantly highlight your product's best features with AI-driven summaries. Grab attention and build trust in just 10 seconds to boost conversions.
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Understand Product Pros&Cons in a Glance

Enable consumers to quickly discern your product's key selling points, establishing trust and facilitating faster conversion
Review summaries first, then the full text to soften the impact of negative feedback and highlight your product’s strengths
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Insights on How Reviews Drive Consumer Decisions

Our analytics dashboard tracks which reviews consumers focus on and their follow-up actions, providing you with detailed engagement insights.
Discover which reviews are sales drivers and which are deterrents, helping you tailor your approach effectively.
Maximize the impact of positive reviews: prioritize them and integrate into your content marketing strategy on platforms like Facebook and Google

Upload Review Content

Upload review content through a CSV file in our shopify app

Generate AI Summary

Use ChatGPT to create summaries based on the uploaded review content.

Display Widget in Store

Showcase the widget on your store page and gain insights into user interactions from the console.